Put your pants on your head for Hollie

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Hollie is my 8 year old niece.  She is a great little kid! A few weeks ago she was diagnosed with a rare bone marrow failure syndrome. She has been in and out of hospital ever since and desperately needs a bone marrow transplant. Whilst on FaceTime, I once put my pants on my head to cheer her up!
Are you, or any of your friends/family, aged 16 to 30, in good health, and want to help Hollie?
All you have to do is provide a saliva sample, sent to you in the post and return it in a pre-paid envelope. I challenge you to do the same and register with the ANTHONY NOLAN TRUST. Simply click this link www.anthonynolan.org

The trust is a database of people who are willing to give bone marrow to seriously ill children and adults. You quite literally get to save someone’s life! Over 30s can check with their local blood service as you can normally donate bone marrow well into your 40s. Click this link deletebloodcancer.org.uk
Even if you aren’t in the age range put your pants on anyway. Its fun and who knows, maybe we’ll get to see somebody famous with their pants on their head!
Hollie also needs regular blood transfusions and platelets. Regularly donating your blood and platelets makes a massive difference to those who need it most. Find your local blood service and register. Feel free to visit Welshblood.org.uk and Blood.co.uk
If you can’t do that please donate what you can to Anthony Nolan Trust 
joining the register.


Thank you and get those pants on!